Johnny Maddox’s DIXIELAND BLUES is being reissued for the first time on compact disc by Crazy Otto Music, a label devoted to ragtime, dixieland and early American music on April 12, 2005 via Burnside Distribution Corporation. This 1959 classic is the first reissue of any of Johnny Maddox’s original Dot Records recordings and is backed by enhanced multi-media features including pictures of the original sheet music covers for the songs, Johnny's audio commentary on each piece, and a video clip of Johnny performing “Friday Night Stomp”.

Johnny Maddox is one of the leading ragtime piano players of all time. He was America's number one jukebox artist in 1955 when he recorded the first all-piano record in history, "The Crazy Otto Medley". This reissue celebrates the 50th anniversary of that legendary recording which spent 14 weeks at the top of the charts, and became the first ragtime record to sell more than 1,000,000 copies, eventually selling more than 2,000,000. Johnny was the first artist of Dot Records, and his instant success helped build the label into one of the most successful labels in the 50’s. During his tenure with Dot, he racked up 9 gold singles with total record sales of more thanover 11,000,000. Johnny even has his own star on Hollywood Boulevard.

DIXIELAND BLUES is Johnny’s favorite record of his 50 plus year (and over 80 records) career and is the lone Dixieland recording his rich catalog. The musicians on DIXIELAND BLUES are a who’s who of jazz greats from the 1930’s and 1950’s including Matty Matlock (clarinet), Mannie Klien (trumpet), Moe Schneider (trombone), Nappy LaMare (banjo), Nick Fatool (drums), Red Callender (tuba) and Bobby Hammack (rhythm piano). Matlock, Schneider and Fatool can all be seen in the 1955 motion picture: PETE KELLYS BLUES, starring Jack Webb and they are also on the great soundtrack album. Dot House engineer Tom Mack recorded the album with arrangements by Matlock and Beasley Smith (Louis Armstrong, Roy Acuff, Beach Boys). Tracks include standards such as W.C. Handy’s Beale Street Blues, and St. Louis Blues and Spencer Williams’ Basin Street Blues as well as some even more rare pieces such as Tishomingo Blues, Wolverine Blues and Bow Wow Blues.

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