Click to view the album Seven Little Stars (and the Man in the Moon)
Adam Swanson - 08|18|09
Price: $15.97
22 songs

Live! at the Red Slipper Lounge
Price: $14.98

Price: $14.98

Sunflower Slow Drag: Rags, Blues, Jazz, Ballads and Waltzes
Price: $12.97

Dixieland Blues
Price: $12.97

Johnny Maddox, the King of Ragtime, will be playing in the Diamond Belle Saloon at the Strater Hotel in Durango the summer of 2011. His dates are June 20th to July 30th and August 29th to September 17th.  Read More...

Johnny Maddox

With over 45 albums and record sales of over 11 million, including 9 gold singles, it's no wonder Johnny Maddox is considered the King of Ragtime music.
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