Johnny Maddox
Songs That Made The Flappers Cry

Release Date: 11|15|06
Catalog Number: CO-014

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Johnny is accompanied here by violin and cello on a set of sentimental parlor songs from the Roaring ’20s. Unlike anything else in the Maddoz canon, this previously lost recording from 1975 was recently discovered in Johnny’s attic!

Includes the Songs:

  1. They Needed A Songbird In Heaven (So God Took Caruso Away)/There’s A New Star In Heaven Tonight
  2. Rudolph Valentino
  3. Diane (I’m In Heaven When I See You Smile)/Charmaine
  4. Baby Your Mother/Time Me To Your Apron Strings
  5. I’ve Grown So Lonesome Thinking Of You/Some Sweet Day
  6. What Does It Matter/Where Is The Song of Songs For Me
  7. My Blue Heaven
  8. Prisoners Song/Lay My Head Beneath A Rose
  9. Glad Rag Doll/True Blue You
  10. Sometime/Take This Rose
  11. Forgive Me/Dream Kisses
  12. Jeannine
  13. I Dream of Lilac Time/Ramona

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