Johnny Maddox
Sunflower Slow Drag: Rags, Blues, Jazz, Ballads and Waltzes

Release Date: 11|15|06
Catalog Number: CO-012

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Two full-length albums from the Crazy 1970s reissued for the first time on one CD. These were originally released as Amoureuse and Tres Moutarde. Twenty-four tracks of rags, blues, jazz, ballads, and waltzes. And the finest playing of Johnny’s 50-plus year career!

Includes the Songs:

  1. Georgia Grind
  2. Sleepy Sidney
  3. Amoureuse
  4. Bluin’ the Blues
  5. Sunflower Slow Drag
  6. Yellow Dog Rag
  7. Memphis Blues
  8. Red Moon
  9. I Get the Blues When It Rains
  10. Dallas Blues
  11. That’s What Makes a Wild Cat Wild
  12. Meadow-Lark
  13. The Snaky Blues
  14. Puppchen
  15. Everybody Two-Step
  16. Jealous (I Wish You Were Jealous of Me)
  17. Long Lost Blues
  18. St. Louis Rag
  19. Those Ragtime Melodies
  20. ... AND MORE!!!

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