Johnny Maddox
Dixieland Blues

Release Date: 01|14|05
Internet now, stores 4/12
Format: Enhanced CD
Catalog Number: CO-010

Dixieland at its Best! This is our first reissue of Johnny's original work from DOT records. With classic songs and legendary artists like Matty Matlock on clarinet, Nick Fatool on drums, Red Callender on tuba, Mannie Klein on trumpet, and Nappy LaMare on banjo backing him up, you see why this was one of his best sellers and Johnny's favorite album he ever recorded. This is an Enhanced CD and features sheet music covers of the songs, commentary from Johnny, and even a video clip of him.

Includes the Songs:

  1. Bluin' the Blues
  2. Strut
  3. Miss Lizzie
  4. Beale Street Blues
  5. Wolverine Blues
  6. Memphis Blues
  7. Royal Garden Blues
  8. St. Louis Blues
  9. Friday Night Blues
  10. Bow Wow Blues
  11. Jelly Roll
  12. Basin Street Blues
  13. Tishomingo Blues
  14. Yellow Dog Blues

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