Johnny Maddox
Where The Southern Crosses The Yellow Dog

Release Date: 10|29|02
Catalog Number: CO-006

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W. C. Handy called Johnny Maddox "the white boy with the colored fingers" after hearing him play in 1952. Here, Johnny pays tribute to the man who gave America the Blues, playing Handy's songs at the tempo they were originally performed - fast! This CD is a program of popular blues, rags, and Dixieland jazz songs that complement the Handy material, all infused with Johnny's distinctive ragtime style.

Includes the Songs:

  1. The Memphis Blues
  2. Joe Turner Blues
  3. Atlanta Blues (Make Me One Pallet on Your Floor)
  4. The Hesitating Blues
  5. Yellow Dog Rag
  6. St. Louis Blues
  7. Aunt Hagar's Children Blues
  8. Loveless Love
  9. Beale Street Blues
  10. My Memphis Baby
  11. Beale Street Mama
  12. Anything Is Nice If It Comes From Dixieland
  13. War Bride Blues
  14. It Takes A Long Tall Brown Skin Gal (To Make A Preacher Lay His Bible Down)
  15. Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey
  16. Potomac River Blues
  17. What You Goin' To Do When The Rent Comes 'Round?
  18. Sweet Georgia Brown
  19. Muscle Shoals Blues
  20. That's A-Plenty

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