Johnny Maddox
Back Home In Tennessee

Release Date: 10|29|02
Catalog Number: CO-004

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Includes the Songs:

  1. Just Try And Picture Me Back Home In Tennessee
  2. Goofus
  3. Roll Along Kentucky Moon
  4. Are You From Dixie?
  5. Some Sweet Day
  6. Honey Man My Little Lovin1 Honey Man
  7. Let The Rest Of The World Go By
  8. Dixie Medley
  9. Arkansas Blues
  10. Down Yonder
  11. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
  12. Glad Rag Doll
  13. Waiting For The Robert E. Lee
  14. Broken Doll
  15. Corsica Rag
  16. Manzanillo

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